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Editorial Mission Statement: The goal of this publication is to provide readers a broad selection
of what is being written about the insurance industry and related issues. Some articles may have
a "tilt" towards a particular perspective one way or another. Inclusion in this newsletter is not an
endorsement of any views or content; but report the various and differing views appearing in media.

5 Workplace Benefits Today's Employees Want, but Don't Have
Maurie Backman / Motley Fool

There are various factors that drive employees to stay at a job rather than leave. Salary
Is no doubt a big one, but workplace benefits are often an equally important part of the

As an employer, it pays to know what benefits workers feel they're lacking, because if
you manage to become one of the few companies in your area to offer them, you might
attract talent you otherwise wouldn't manage to entice -- while retaining the employees
you've worked hard to train. These five benefits are ones that employees really want 
but currently don’t have, according to office-supply company Zoro.

1. Unlimited paid time off
2. Four-day workweeks
3. Company-paid vision insurance
4. Company-paid dental insurance
5. Company-paid medical insurance