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Here's a Checklist to help you prepare for Medicare
​6 Months before turning 65:

1.    Explore the ABCD's of Medicare

2.    Does your work history (or current/former spouse's) qualify you for coverage?

3.    Learn how other coverage works with Medicare

4.    Understand your enrollment options:
        *Plan to enroll on time to avoid penalties and delays in coverage
        *If you plan to enroll in your initial Enrollment Period, set a reminder for yourself for 3 months before your 65th                   birthday

Medicare can be complex, but this checklist has everything you need to get ready to enroll.  Call or use the contact us button to email us so that we may help you transition from complex to Peace of Mind!
    3 Months before your 65th Birthday:

1.    Enroll in Part A during your Initial Enrollment Period.  You should also enroll in Part B unless you are eligible for a           Special Enrollment Period

2.    Confirm receipt of your Medicare card(s)

3.    Talk to a benefits advisor to get detailed information about the plans

4.    Make sure to ask these six important questions:

        **Will I have to choose hospital and healthcare providers from a network?
        **Will my doctors accept the coverage? If not, are ther doctors near me who will?
        **Will I need referrals to visit specialist?
        **Will the plan cover me if I get sick while traveling in another state?
        **What will my prescription drugs cost?  Are my drugs on the plan's formulary?  Can I get my prescriptions through             the mail?
        **Does the plan have a good quality rating?


​                                                                        I am here to help